Objectives of the Research:

The main objective of the research agenda under NACP-III is to position NACO as the leading national body, promoting and coordinating research on

  1. Partnerships and networking with multiple stakeholders and established national academic and other research institutions
  2. Supporting capacity building in social, clinical & biomedical, basic and operational research related to HIV/AIDS and allied subjects
  3. Functioning as the central repository of all relevant resources, research documents and data base on HIV/AIDS in the country
  4. Ensuring translation of research outputs into programmatic action and policy formulation.

Processing & Approving Research Proposals

NACO is the nodal agency to review process and approve any research in HIV/AIDS in the country. NACO receives research proposals on HIV/AIDS through the following sources:

  • Proposals invited by NACO on priority research areas from NIIHAR institutes.
  • Proposals from independent research organisations or institutions including collaborative research with foreign institutions (eg. Indo-US collaborative studies, CDC funded projects, etc.) that involve any of the following resource from the programme:
  1. Finance
  2. Data
  3. Proposals with HIV/AIDS component referred from ICMR/HMSC for review & comments by NACO.

Proposals referred from Health Ministry Screening Committee (HMSC) are reviewed by the Technical Resource Group on research and development and comments are communicated. All the rest of the proposals undergo the process of review and approval, shown below. A standard ‘Format for Proposal Submission’ has been developed, which can be downloaded from the NACO website, in which proposals are to be submitted to NACO.

The proposals are reviewed on the basis of the following criteria

Programme Score:

  • Relevance to NACP III strategies
  • Innovativeness
  • Replicability
  • Scalability
  • Community based approach

Methodology Score:

  • Clarity in the research question
  • Questionnaire/tool formulated
  • Duration of the study
  • Sampling design and size
  • Coverage of State/Districts

Principal Researcher Score:

  • Qualification
  • Relevant Experience
  • Publications
  • The Technical Resource Group on R&D is an expert group that advises NACO on the broad policy & strategy to be adopted for promoting HIV/AIDS research in the country. All the research proposals on HIV/AIDS received by NACO are reviewed by the TRG through periodic meetings.
  • The NACO Ethics Committee has the primary responsibility of ensuring that all the ethical considerations and sensitivities in the context of HIV/AIDS are adequately addressed in the research proposals and that such research is consistent with legislative and statutory requirements, and thereby accord ethical clearance for initiating the research. The committee, through a series of reviews & discussions, has developed the ‘National Guidelines on Ethics for Research on HIV/AIDS’, including template for informed consent. This is available on NACO website.

Research Publication