Monitoring and Evaluation

Strategic Information Management System (SIMS) is one of the 4 key strategies of NACP –III. SIMS includes Monitoring and Evaluation, Surveillance, Research and special studies. SIMS facilitates NACP III in tracking the epidemic and the effectiveness of the response and the help NACO, KSAPS, district level team and other partners to monitor achievement of programme indicators.

KSAPS, SIMU division collects the reports from all reporting units. Reporting units are any implementing unit providing a service sanctioned under NACP-III. (e.g TI NGO, PPTCT , ART centers ect.) Reporting units are registered in KSAPS, Computerised Management Information System (CMIS). The data entered at district and state level facilitates electronic transfer of data to NACO.

State M& E Officer is responsible for coordinating the timely submission of these reports, follow up with reporting units as necessary. Each DAPCU unit have one M&E assistant who is responsible for coordination of reporting within the district, along with District Supervisors.

Time line for reporting:
Timely report means, the data entered in to the CMIS and approved by SACS by 7th of every month, cleaned, complied and sent to NACO by 10th of every month.

Key activities of SIMU division:

CMIS Reporting:
Every month the division receives data from 30 districts. The report is submitted by 117 TIs, 53 DSRC, 171 Blood Banks, 553 stand alone Integrated Counseling and Testing Centres and 823 24x7 PHC, 124 PPP ICTCs, 25 Mobile ICTCs, 49 Anti – Retroviral Treatment and 27 Community Care Centres.

A time line for submission of the data is monitored by the SIMS staff in KSAPS. The feedback is given to the DAPCU staff for sending the data by 7th of every month. The e-mail correspondence is also done with the Programme Officers regarding the non reporting Units.

Monthly Meeting:
The division analyzes the district wise data of each programme for the Programme Officers for the monthly DAPCU meeting. The programme performance is monitored every month and key performance indicators are discussed in great details during the monthly meeting Chaired by PD KSAPS. Thus, SMIS division prepares the monthly booklet for monthly meetings.

Quarterly Report:
The first quarterly report of the KSAPS was prepared for January to March 2011. The program wise and district wise data is present in the report. Thus, quarterly programme achievement for the core indicators are monitored by quarterly report.

Processing data request:
KSAPS Statistical Officer, provides data to Programme Officers for the concern meeting at State or National level. The data requests are processed as per the Programme Officer’s need. The data is also provided to various Evaluators before evaluation of the concerned programme.

SIMU division also process data for state level Economic Survey, State Health Profile report, State Women and Child Welfare Department, State Planning Department and State Directorate of Health and Family Welfare.

Monitoring and Evaluation Publication