Lab Services

Under NACP IV, Lab Service Division has been created as a separate division at SACS level to monitor the activities of NRL and SRL’s. The State of Karnataka is provided with one National Reference Laboratory (NRL)-at NIMHANS, Bengaluru and 10 State Reference Laboratory (SRL’s) across the State in 10 Medical Colleges (Govt and Private sector). The Following are list of 10 SRL’s

Government Sector

  • BMCRI-Bengaluru
  • VIMS-Ballari
  • KIMS-Hubballi
  • BRIMS-Bidar

Private Sector

  • JSS-Mysuru
  • BM PATIL MC-Vijayapura
  • JNMC-Belgavi
  • KMC-Manipal
  • JJMC-Davangere


Out of 10 SRL’s, 4 are already accredited by NABL and the remaining 6 SRL’S are in various stages of accreditation process. The following Labs are already accredited by NABL

  • NIMHANS, Bengaluru
  • VIMS, Ballari
  • KMC, Mangaluru
  • KIMS, Hubballi
  • KMC, Manipal

Activities of the National Reference Laboratory (NRL)

  • External Quality Assurance Scheme (EQAS)
  • Reverse Flow: Samples with discordant results
  • Testing Samples with indeterminate results
  • Mentoring the linked SRLs and ICTCs
  • Confirmation of HIV-2 diagnosis
  • HIV Sentinnel Surveillance (HSS)
  • Monthly reporting of the activities of the NRL on the NACO SIMS website
  • Correspond and communicate with NACO or Apex lab regarding any information or data required
  • Participate in any trainings/workshops conducted by NACO
  • Participate and present the annual activity in the apex lab meeting
  • Oversee the utilization of the funds received from the SACS for the activities in the NRL and ensure the timely submission of SOE and UC for every financial year to the SACS

  1. Contact Details of National Reference Laboratory

  2. External Quality Assurance Scheme

Roles and responsibilities of State Reference Laboratories under NACO

  • To supervise and mentor the ICTC laboratory technicians for quality testing.
  • To participate in the external quality assessment scheme under NACP.
  • To undertake proficiency testing (PT) on the panel provided to them twice a year as per the EQAS calendar (panel of 8 members).
  • To send the report of the PT panel within 1 week of receipt to the concerned NRL.
  • To test and re- aliquot the PT panel (4 members) to be sent to ICTC.
  • To compile the PT results of ICTC for onward communication to the NRL within a week of receipt.
  • To follow up with the centres and concerned SACS in case of no reporting from the site.
  • To follow up by bi annual workshops (1-2 day duration as required) regarding errors in PT or inter laboratory discordance with concerned technicians.
  • To retest 20% positive and 5% negative samples received from ICTCs (of specimens received by ICTCs in the first 7 days of January, April, July and October) and send the report back of the inter laboratory comparison within 7 days of receipt especially where discordance is noted.
  • To participate in inter laboratory comparison by sending 20% positive and 5% negative samples received from ICTCs (of specimens received by ICTCs in the first 7 days of January, April, July and October received by SRL to NRL).
  • To confirm all indeterminate and discordant samples by referring samples to NRL.
  • To send all HIV1/2 cross reactive specimens to NRL for archiving.
  • To participate in other laboratory activities related to HIV infection as and when requested by NACO
  • Designated testing laboratory during HIV Sentinel Surveillance programme.

  1. Contact details of State Refrence Laboratory