Socially Marketed Condom

a) DAC Objectives of Condom Social Marketing Promotion

  • Increasing demand for condoms with normalization amongst high risk, bridge and general population
  • Minimizing wastage in free supply of condoms and maximizing its access to the most vulnerable groups
  • Expanding accessibility and availability of condoms across the country with focus on priority districts and HRG sites
  • Expanding social marketing programs to saturate coverage in districts characterized by high HIV prevalence and / or high family planning need, migrant locations, Trucker Halt Points

b) Condom Social Marketing Program in Karnataka

Currently Population Service International (PSI) has been contracted by NACO to implement condom Social Marketing Program in Karnataka. The overall objectives of the Program include:

  • Promoting condoms for prevention of HIV/AIDS and family planning
  • Saturated coverage of all identified high risk sites like migrants, truckers, transshipment points, highways and other high risk areas with condoms and prevention campaigns
  • Opening new condom outlets (with emphasis on non-traditional outlets in rural areas) and ensuring adequate supply of condoms to new and existing condom outlets
  • Focus on the retail off take of condoms through efficient supply chain set up and sales staff reaching to the retail outlets
  • Contributing substantially to the overall growth of market for condoms in assigned territories

C) Karnataka SMO Condom Social Marketing Target - 1st July 2014 – 30th July 2015