National AIDS Control Programme Phase III (2007-2012)

Goals and Objectives:
The overall goals of NACP-III is to halt and reverse the epidemic in India over the next five years by integrating programmes for prevention, care and support and treatment. This will be achieved through a four-pronged strategy.

Prevent infections through saturation of coverage of high-risk groups with Targeted Intervention (TIs) and scaled up interventions in the general population.

Provide greater care, support and treatment to larger number of PLHA.

Strengthen the infrastructure, systems and human resources in prevention, care, support and nbsp;treatment programmes at district, state and national levels.

Strengthen the nationwide Strategic Information Management System.

The specific objective is to reduce the rate of incidence by 60 per cent in the first year of the programme in high prevalence states to obtain the reversal of the epidemic, and by 40 percent in the vulnerable states to stabilise the epidemic.