Inventory Management System

Contact Details for IMS in KSAPS

Name Position Phone Number
Mr. Sailesh Sharma RPLC (South) 9449846947
Mr. Harisha P Administrator IMS 9964356381
Mr. Shivshankar Gowda Pharmacist KSAPS 9449846948
Mr. Bhuvan Store Assistant 9482153633

Karnataka scenario

IMS was piloted first time in Karnataka by NACO as a National initiative. This pilot project was collaborated with Clinton Health Foundation of India of training and implementation and technical support.

Karnataka has become the first high prevalent state in the country for implementation of IMS. Currently, KSAPS and all the ART Centres of Karnataka are using IMS for ARV Drug management. In future, it would be scaled up to remaining facilities of KSAPS like ICTC, STD clinics, Blood Banks etc as well.

To increase the efficiency of the program, NACO conceptualized a technology based initiative for recording and improving access to HIV commodities for patients across India. The Inventory Management System (IMS) developed and implemented by NACO, for end beneficiary to effectively utilize its resources to achieve program objectives.

Benefits of IMS :

  • IMS provides comprehensive patient tracking functionality of the patient. IMS is an integrated platform through which relevant patient data can be accessed from any stakeholder (with authorized access) across the supply chain.
  • This would not only help to track and record end beneficiary program but also migrant patients to continue CST services at any supported facility.
  • System would increase the efficacy of the program by accurately capturing patient status from Pre-ART, ART, LFU, etc.
  • The patient data, regimen details, appointment schedule and other treatment details are also tracked.

Barcode enabled Inventory Management:

IMS provides barcode enabled tracking for real-time visibility of inventory across the supply chain as it moves through suppliers, SACS and facilities. IMS enables high data quality through a very user-friendly interface with bar code scanning, validations and prompts to assist accurate data entry.

Data based Decision Making:

  • Data entered into IMS at any point, is available to authorized stakeholders almost instantly. Actionable, accurate and timely data enables informed decision making.
  • The NACO/SACS decision makers can access role based dashboards based on live data from IMS.
  • These dashboards are generated on-demand and always provide with the latest data aggregated across the supply chain.
  • Access to comprehensive supply chain data helps decision makers perform robust supply chain planning and forecasting.