Information, Education & Communication 2014-15

Information, Education and Communication is one of the components of KSAPS programme for enhancing knowledge among the general population on HIV and AIDS. IEC activities contribute substantially in KSAPS efforts to halt and reverse the epidemic. IEC activities also focus on reducing stigma and discrimination towards PLHIV.

IEC strategies have been designed with focus on

  • Risk reduction among Youth and Women, Migrants and HRGs
  • Reducing stigma and discrimination towards PLHIV and enhancing service uptake
  • Observation of HIV related Days and organizing focused events


Television has large reach both in rural and urban areas. HIV/ AIDS related programmes are telecast during events like World AIDS Day, International Youth Day, Voluntary Blood Donation Day and International Women Day etc. TV programmes include spots, panel discussions, talk shows, quiz and phone in program. They are aired in both DD and private channels.

Radio Programs

Radio can caste a wider net, especially in the rural areas. Hence it is a potent tool for reaching out to larger population with HIV prevention massages.
This media has used to address vulnerability of HIV among migrants and their family, agriculture based families, students, youth etc. during the special events & other occasions. Programmes include spots and jingles on HIV/AIDS. Apart from this live interactive programmes and discussions are held particularly on World AIDS Day or other special occasions.

Community Radio

Community stations serve geographic communities and communities of interest. They broadcast content that is popular and relevant to a local, specific audience but is often overlooked by commercial or mass-media broadcasters. The IEC division has used the 10 community radio stations in seven districts of Karnataka for disseminating messages on HIV/AIDS. The programmes are designed in a participatory manner and involvement of local gram sabhas and anganwadi workers in the form of discussions and interviews are ensured.

    Community Radio Stations :
  • Krishi CRS, Dharwad
  • Radio Active,Bengaluru
  • Radio Siddharatha, Tumakuru
  • Sarathi, Bengaluru
  • Jana Dhwani, Mysuru
  • Namma Dhwani, Kolar
  • Radio Manipal, Udupi

Newspaper advertisements during events

Advertisement highlighting the importance of events like Voluntary Blood Donation day, World AIDS Day, International Youth Day, Women’s Day.

Print Material

Print materials consist of posters, leaflets, hand books, manuals, flip books and training tool kits. These IEC materials will reach the target audience through DAPCUs, different departments and colleges under red ribbon clubs. KSAPS sees this as one of the major activities to be carried out in Karnataka for generating awareness and also to increase access to services both in rural and urban areas of the State. Special booklets are also designed to address the adolescents.


Displaying messages through hoardings is one of the effective means of disseminating messages to the general public. Materials are designed with catchy phrases and piquant messages.

KSAPS has 310 hoarding across Karnataka which are used to display messages.

Folk Media

This is a strong medium to reach out to rural folk especially to those who are illiterate. Since Karnataka has a rich folk culture, KSAPS decided to tap into this mode with HIV related messages. Folk performances conducted during 2014-15 in Karnataka were one of the successful IEC activities. These activities were implemented in two phases which were mainly focused on rural mass. 30 districts were covered under this activity. Messages on HIV and AIDS, vulnerability to HIV, routs of HIV transmission, services available at district and taluka hospitals as well as abstinence for the young community were themes which were incorporated in folk performance which were done by 30 folk troupes. Based on the relevance of the folk art in a given region, shows were assigned. This activity was received very well by the community people. Forms of folk performances were Street theatre, Puppetry, Yakshagana, Kamsale, Jogi Pada, Chowdike Pada, Krishna Parijatha, Veeraghase, Gee Gee Pada, Dollu Kunitha and Magic Show.

IEC activities at newly built Bus stations & Buses

New bus terminus has been built or renovation has been done in several taluka and district heads quarters in Karnataka. These bus terminuses hardly have any messages related either to HIV in specific or health in general. Since most of the rural population commutes by buses and bus terminuses are also the meeting point for high risk groups, migrant population, women, drivers and cleaners of buses. Hence putting up messages in such places is very effective. Taking this opportunity, KSAPS has placed hoardings, posters, audio and video spots. Bus branding has also been an effective strategy.

Door to door Campaign
(Mane Mane Mahithi Jana-Jaagruti Andholana)

This is one of the innovative activities that KSAPS has been implementing for past two years. Under this campaign every house hold is reached where messages on HIV and AIDS are given. Villages that are selected to implement this campaign will be flooded with IEC activities such as banners, wall writing, posters, announcement through auto rickshaws, slides at cinema theaters, scrolling messages on local cable TV networks, awareness session for the college and schools youths, staff members of Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation and Panchayat members. Anganwadi workers, ASHAS and ANMs are selected and thoroughly trained for door-to-door visits with messages on HIV. A pair of two persons visits each house. The plan comprises each pair would visit 40 houses in a day. Thus all houses in a village selected for the campaign will be covered in period of one-week.

This activity will begin with a district level meeting under the chairmanship of District Commissioner where all the district heads of line departments were invited and informed about the program and roles and responsibilities. The significance of this campaign is that every department takes part in this campaign. As a pre campaign activity, about 5 to 6 auto rickshaws were hired and announcements were made in all villages, towns and the taluka headquarters so that people will be aware about the campaign. Beside these activities, every local news papers and electronic media will cover information about the event so that every person in the city, district and village will be aware of the door to door campaign.


World AIDS DAY (WAD), Voluntary Blood Donors Day (VBDD) and National Youth Day (NYD) were observed. These events provide opportunity to take HIV/ AIDS related messages to the larger population. The Day is observed for the cause of PLHIV and their issues, raising awareness and to ensure political commitment.

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