Annual Action Plan of the year 2014-15

Year wise budget allocated and expenditure of KSAPS

Sl No Year Approved Budget
(in lakhs)
(in lakhs)
Expenditure Programme
1 Targeted Intervention 2470.57 830.64 33.62
1.1 Link worker scheme 217.02 68.63 31.62
2 STD 142.46 110.33 77.45
2 Blood Safety 515.99 194.42 37.68
3 Lab Services 31.14 4.08 13.10
4 ICTC/HIV-TB/PPTCT 2333.1 2215.3 94.95
5 IEC 792.89 444.95 56.12
6 ART/CCC 2385.26 1652.22 69.27
7 Institutional Strengthening 693.31 729.07 105.16
8 SIMS/ Surveillance 82.49 30.20 36.61
9 State Fund 1000.00 1161.31 116.13
Total 10664.23 7441.15 69.78

National Aids Control Programme IV funded by NACO

Karnataka State AIDS Prevention Society (KSAPS) was registered as a Society on 9th December 1997; it is an autonomous institution and a highest policy-making structure regarding HIV/AIDS in Karnataka, headed by Chief Minister.The Chairman of Executive Committee is Secretary to Government Health & Family Welfare Department. As per NACO, Karnataka is one of the “High Prevalent States” in India. The other high prevalent states in India are Andhra Pradesh, Mizoram, Maharashtra, Manipur and Nagaland. KSAPS is implementing NACP IV. As per HIV Sentinel Surveillance 2012-13 HIV prevalence in ANC clients of > 1% has been reported in Mandya and Chamrajnagar districts. 16 districts have reported HIV prevalence between 0.5 to 0.9% and 12 districts have reported <0.5%.

KSAPS implementation of NACP IV funded by NACO, New Delhi.

Karnataka has been conducting the HIV Sentinel Surveillance since 1998. Surveillance is carried out annually by testing for HIV at designated sentinel sites. The prevalence among antenatal clinic (ANC) attendees as per HSS 2012-13 was 0.53%. HIV prevalence among the ANC attendees indicates decline in adult HIV prevalence in the state from 1.5% in 2004 to 0.12% in 2013-14. HIV prevalence level (2012-13) among Female Sex Workers (FSW), Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), Injecting Drug Users (IDU) and Transgender is 0.27%, 0.4%, 0.16 % and 0.9% respectively. HIV prevalence among migrants has been reported to be 0.23% and among truckers has been found to be 0.06%.

Targeted intervention

Response from Karnataka State AIDS Prevention Society (KSAPS) has been to saturate Targeted Intervention (TIs) in Karnataka under the thrust area of NACP -III.

Core TI (FSW, MSM & IDU)

This saturation currently covers around 85355 Female Sex Workers (FSWs) under Targeted Intervention, 26501 Men who have sex with Men (MSM) and 1200 Transgenders. The TI is funded by NACO through KSAPS .There are 4 IDU programmes in Karnataka. 3 in Bangalore & 1 in Kolar covers 1597 IDUs.

TI (Migrant & Truckers)

The 21 TI projects in Karnataka covers 2,10,000 migrants. 7 truckers TIs cover a population of 80,000 long distance male truckers. The Truckers program is implemented at Transhipment Locations.

HIV Counselling & Testing at Integrated Counselling and testing Centre

In the last three years there has been an increase in the number of Integrated Counselling and testing Centers for testing of HIV. These ICTCs are functioning in Government Hospitals and selected Private Hospitals. As on 31st January 2015 a total of 2199 ICTC and F-ICTC centers are functioning in the State.

From April-13 to March 2014, 16,59,924 General clients were counselled and tested with a positivity rate of 1.77% and 11,70,081 ANCs were counselled and tested with a positivity rate of 0.12% in ICTCs. From April-14 to January 2015, 16,30,152 General clients were tested with a positivity rate of 1.33% and 10,73,524 ANCs were tested with a positivity rate of 0.118% in ICTCs.

Care Support & Treatment

During 2014-15, 63 ART centers and 194 Link ART Centers and Link Plus ART Centers have been functioning. The cumulative number of HIV cases registered at ART Centers till January-2015 were 2,62,542 out of which, 1,15,745 cases are alive and on ART. The progress of ART centres is given in Table 10.50.

State Blood Council

State Blood Council was established in Karnataka during 1996-97 to provide adequate & safe blood and blood products at reasonable rates. At present there are 184 registered blood banks in Karnataka of which 66 are supported by NACO. Out of 184 Blood Banks, 40 are in Government Sectors, 36 are Voluntary/Charitable sectors, 5 are in Red Cross Societies and 103 are in Private sector (Table 10.51)

Information, Education & Communication

KSAPS undertakes various Mass and mid media campaigns through radio and television programmes, to create awareness regarding HIV/AIDS in General population. During year 2014-15, the folk troops performed awareness in all the districts of Karnataka. To focus on every household in high prevalent districts, door to door campaigning was carried out. Bijapur and Dharwad districts were covered by house to House campaign. To increase awareness regarding HIV /AIDS in college students Red Ribbon Clubs have been established. 1276 Red Ribbon Clubs have been established in degree colleges in Karnataka.